The Bedfellows of Politics

Political Spoiler Alert: If you’re satisfied with the stated tenets of your chosen political party and refuse to listen to reason perhaps you’d best march to the far right or the far left of this little mind fart.


Politics and religion are said to be the two forbidden topics of polite conversation, perhaps because in both instances there are few adherents on either side who don’t hold strong opinions and whose opinions are sufficiently malleable as to be subject to change by a rational exchange of ideas.  Let’s say you and I are out drinking at a local sports bar and I suddenly contend that I’m a Compassionate Conservative who feels that Obamacare is working surprisingly well.  I don’t think there’s any way you can support my point of view.  If you’re a By-God-Genuine Conservative you’re honor bound to explain that Obamacare is the Devil’s work.  If you’re a By-God-Genuine Liberal you’d be compelled to point out that there’s no such beast as a Compassionate Conservative.  Rather like Military Intelligence, the phrase is an oxymoron.


But here’s my real point.  Regardless of the political party you stomp for, the elected representatives from either entity are hurried off to Washington (or the State Capital or the local mayor’s mansion or the city council) for one reason.  To govern. To manage.  To control.  So I submit that the primary role of a politician regardless of party affiliation is not to serve the electorate.  It is to subjugate the electorate.  And one effective method of achieving this shadow subjugation is to highlight the differences between the parties so that the members of the electorate are distracted.  It’s not hard to distract most folks. Bread and circuses used to do the trick.  Now it’s smart phones and slot machines.  And every four years or so an election is held so that we the people can decide who we want to make the laws that tell us how to behave.


Now I won’t argue that most members of the human race are sufficiently enlightened and sufficiently in control of their emotions that they don’t need supervision of some sort.  The problem is decisions are now being made by folks we never elected to represent us in the first place. The Big Money Boys.  And believe me they don’t have our best interests at heart.  I’ll continue this thread later. Right now I have some FaceBook friends clamoring for my attention.  Ain’t life grand?

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