Living Large Regardless

Relationship Spoiler Alert: If you’re convinced there is one and only one mate for you perhaps you’d be more comfortable putting all your eggs in a different basket this week.


My current wife and I have been married (knock wood!) for 32 years last month. She’s my third wife. If there was One & Only One woman for me and she was the O&OO then I’d be obliged to admit I made a mistake the first two times around but the simple truth is there was a lot of good in both earlier marriages. So I’m left with the inescapable conclusion that there is no single soul among females who would make for me the perfect wife. Either the old wives’ tale about “One & Only One” is fallacious OR I have yet to find the O&OO OR I don’t quite grasp the concept of O&OO. Oh Oh!!


Now I understand I’m being subjective here. I’m presuming each of my wives has felt the same way about me at one time or another (i.e., that I was a good catch at the time and that the time we spent together was worthwhile). In both cases (and I include my current marriage lest there be confusion or lest my current wife be peering over my shoulder as I write!) all parties involved received a fair share of pleasure, experienced a fair share of intense dismay and survived the marriage wiser and infinitely more mature. Don’t get me wrong. Divorce is painful and traumatic for everyone involved.


But here’s the salient point of this meandering muse. Why are we here anyhow? Is it only to mindlessly reproduce, to create vessels so the next generation can ponder the same set of imponderables? If so our job on earth is finished (speaking from my male perspective) as soon as we juice up the egg. Is it to raise those vessels to maturity so they can start the whole business over again? Or is it something subtly more spiritual? If you’re of the Christian persuasion that overarching purpose is to glorify God. If you’re of the Muslim persuasion that purpose seems to be to cleanse the earth of infidels. If you’re of the Jewish persuasion it is to suffer through the arbitrary misfortunes of life as one of Jehovah’s chosen children. Agnostics and Atheists have it a bit rougher. Having no Supreme Being to pay allegiance to (or blame for their own shortcomings) they are left to ponder the irony of it all. And to live life to the fullest because they know this is the only shot they’re gonna get.

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  1. Hi Russ, interesting read, you have not changed a bit since California. Would be great to hear from you two!

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