The Demon Web

Technology-challenged Spoiler Alert: If you believe the web is a benign vehicle that seeks only to foster goodness in an untroubled world perhaps you’d rather hook your iPad to another ISP this week.   When at first I gingerly dipped my toe in the chilly, unfamiliar waters of the blogosphere I truly believed my unpretentious, […]

Face Value

Buff Dude and Perky Dudette Spoiler Alert: If you measure your self-worth by the size of your bust or the length of your penis perhaps you’d be more comfy mingling with the pretty people this week.   Cosmetic surgery has never interested me all that much, not because I’ve been blessed with a toned physique […]

Watch Your Mouth

Loose Lips Spoiler Alert: If you truly believe Big Brother is there to Protect and Serve your best interests perhaps you’d best find a safe haven elsewhere this week.   Eddie Snowden blew the lid off national security some time back by putting our government’s dirty laundry on display for all the world to see.  […]