The Demon Web

Technology-challenged Spoiler Alert: If you believe the web is a benign vehicle that seeks only to foster goodness in an untroubled world perhaps you’d rather hook your iPad to another ISP this week.


When at first I gingerly dipped my toe in the chilly, unfamiliar waters of the blogosphere I truly believed my unpretentious, oddball, off-the-wall opinions would engage seekers of wisdom who were interested in an honest exchange of ideas. Having browsed through a book on Social Media Marketing I got that, in order to reach the optimum viewing audience, one should avail oneself of the opportunities presented by the current portals of power: Facebook, LinkedIn and Thus I gathered my band of email buddies, along with an assortment of Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections, not to mention my loyal cadre of high school chums; circled them all around my lead wagon and together we set out to reveal the secrets of the Universe to the world at large.


Alas, my audience was not so large. Several of my email addresses had gone south. A handful of my Facebook friends couldn’t care less. A few of my schoolmates had gone to that Big Internet in the Sky and many of my LinkedIn connections were just in it for the glory. Not to worry. I discovered one could “boost” ones blog through the magic of Facebook in concert with a major credit card.


I dutifully filled in the application form, specifying that I’d prefer that my message be delivered only to Facebook aficionados who had expressed an interest in reading. I reasoned that if they didn’t read, they probably wouldn’t be interested in reading my blog. Twenty bucks later the budget ran out and I had increased my loyal following to a meager degree but it still wasn’t anything to write home about.


I altered the contents of the blogs so they were fiercer, more controversial, more seductive, more intense, more outrageous. Alas the target population who indicated an interest in what I had to say seemed to actually be on the decline. So I did what any red-blooded American entrepreneur would have done in my place. I removed the “I like to read” filter and broadcast my pearls of wisdom to the world at large. Yikes!!


Suddenly I was inundated with invective. Folks took issue with benign topics, everyone had a competing opinion, disagreements raged and the message of the blog was lost in the chaos that ensued. Yikes!!


Now I am faced with a dilemma. Shall I reinstate the ”I like to read” filter and go on preaching to the choir? Or shall I brazen it out; engage in dubious philosophical battles with minions who grapple with sanity on a daily basis; venture warily into tepid battles of wits with unarmed foes? Sing to me my choir. Let me know the path to take. I leave it in your gentle hands.

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