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Culturally Speaking

Symphony Hall Spoiler Alert: If you think a semi-conductor is a part time orchestra leader you might want to perform a gentle Pas de Deux off to the bunny hop.   My wife and I went to the symphony last night and it was a hoot and a holler.  Now I understand that symphonic music […]

The Bedfellows of Politics

Political Spoiler Alert: If you’re satisfied with the stated tenets of your chosen political party and refuse to listen to reason perhaps you’d best march to the far right or the far left of this little mind fart.   Politics and religion are said to be the two forbidden topics of polite conversation, perhaps because […]

Belief vs Knowledge

Religious Spoiler Alert: If you’re confused by the difference between belief and knowledge perhaps you’d best come back next week.   I believe my Mother and Father are sitting up in Heaven looking down on me. I don’t really think they are but I believe it to be so because I was taught from an […]

Blog Number 1

I’m gonna try this blog stuff one more time.  I think the problem with blogging from the blogger’s point of view is that the devoted public is always eager to be entertained whereas on occasion the blogger just wants to sleep in.  Skip breakfast.  Neglect to slather sun screen on his nose. Watch some mindless […]


Welcome to the Writer’s Blog!  This is where you’ll find all the inner workings of Russ’ brain.  If you’re ready for that sort of thing.  We aren’t responsible for any flashbacks they may cause………