The Boulder Club Series

Russ Hatler is in the process of writing a double trilogy about James “Jimmie Quick” Silver and his companion, Dolly. The first book in the series, “South of Even,” has been published and is available at The second book, “Odds & Ends, LLC,” is in the editing process. More information will be posted about these and other projects as they are completed.

Click here for more information about “South of Even!”

Casino Hopping

Russ has also completed a coming-of-middle-age story called “Casino Hopping through the Lower 48.”  “Casino Hopping” is the story of Chuck Stevenson, a mid-level manager for a large, high-tech corporation, who has recently been laid off after twenty-five years of devoted service. A fractured twist on The Pilgrim’s Progress, the book describes the first-person narrator’s six-thousand-mile automotive odyssey that covers two weeks and twelve casinos. The journey covers a lot of middle-American territory and a lot of thoughtful philosophy, dealing with wealth-based versus joy-based factors in the decision-making process.

Chuck narrates his story with humor and wit, although he doesn’t always fully appreciate the nature of the joke. Driving from Wilmington, North Carolina, to Las Vegas, Nevada, he sees the trip as a much-needed escape from personal responsibility, a chance to take a long look at the loss of a once-promising career, and time to consider what meaning may lie in the woes of a shattered marriage.

More will be posted about “Casino Hopping” in the near future.  Keep checking back!