South of Even

South-of-evenIn the glitzy, money-driven world of high-stakes casino gambling, there are scores of larcenous souls who attempt to tip the scales of fortune in their favor. Sometimes they stoop to murder in their quest to hit the big one. The casinos won’t stop players from collecting big wins when the gain is fairly gotten. But when the rules of the game are compromised, the casinos have the techniques and technology to counter the results.

James “Jimmie Quick” Silver knows how life is lived on both sides of the fence. He was once a dealer, a player, a winner, a loser and a fugitive run to earth by casino security. Now he is a high-tech-gadget toting, involuntary servant for the house. He tracks down bad folks who have run afoul of the rules of the casino. Often they cheat, sometimes they steal, now and again they skip town on a bloated marker. But they always leave clues for Jimmie and his next-door neighbor, Dolly, to discover. When she isn’t helping Jimmie track down culprits, Dolly dances topless in a seedy North Las Vegas dive.

Jimmie follows the trail of the casino’s current trio of transgressors, bent blackjack aficionados all, from Las Vegas to Phoenix, to Palm Springs and Tucson, always lagging a step or two behind. The female member of the gang meets an untimely demise on the desert floor, aided by computer-driven technology. When the surviving suspects are traced at last to Puerto Rico, Jimmie and Dolly catch a plane to the Caribbean for a whirlwind jaunt through the islands, finally winding up in Santo Domingo for the breathtaking finale.

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