The Demon Web

Technology-challenged Spoiler Alert: If you believe the web is a benign vehicle that seeks only to foster goodness in an untroubled world perhaps you’d rather hook your iPad to another ISP this week.   When at first I gingerly dipped my toe in the chilly, unfamiliar waters of the blogosphere I truly believed my unpretentious, […]

Learning From Experience

Education 101 Spoiler Alert: If you’re one of those folks who believe teachers ought to be rated strictly on the graduation rate of their students please sit back down and ask to have a wooden ruler applied sharply to your knuckles.   My granddaughter graduated from Santa Clara University in June. When I asked what […]

Belief vs Knowledge

Religious Spoiler Alert: If you’re confused by the difference between belief and knowledge perhaps you’d best come back next week.   I believe my Mother and Father are sitting up in Heaven looking down on me. I don’t really think they are but I believe it to be so because I was taught from an […]