Paging Mr. Gore…

Ecological Spoiler Alert: If you think a cold snap in Miami Beach proves conclusively that there’s no such thing as Global Warming you might want to slap on some sunscreen and slither past this week’s offering.   According to the statistical wonks the average worldwide temperature has risen a full degree and a half Fahrenheit […]

Culturally Speaking

Symphony Hall Spoiler Alert: If you think a semi-conductor is a part time orchestra leader you might want to perform a gentle Pas de Deux off to the bunny hop.   My wife and I went to the symphony last night and it was a hoot and a holler.  Now I understand that symphonic music […]

Blog Number 1

I’m gonna try this blog stuff one more time.  I think the problem with blogging from the blogger’s point of view is that the devoted public is always eager to be entertained whereas on occasion the blogger just wants to sleep in.  Skip breakfast.  Neglect to slather sun screen on his nose. Watch some mindless […]