The Little Drummer Boy Turns 50

Ach, Klaus!
Ageless dreamer
Carefree wandering minstrel
Feeling a bit more mortal lately?
Well, it isn’t only in your mind.
Things have changed since yesterday.
Perhaps you didn’t notice
(That’s a symptom too, my friend!)

Ach, Klaus!
You once were known in old Berlin
As the FMPN man
“Fünf mal pro Nacht”
Your motto then
And catch me if you can.

The ladies flocked around your feet
And warmed your heart as well
And listened to your drummer’s beat
And swooned beneath your spell.
But then you got a little older.

Someone whispered in your ear
That a filled belly was preferable to hunger.
And then you found respectability
Perched more lightly on your shoulders
Than that worn and faded leather jacket.
So you traded in your trap set for a briefcase
And you got a little older still.

Boy, how the time skips by,
On little cat’s feet
Some say,
Sneaking up behind your flank
Without a word of warning
And suddenly things change.

Ach, Klaus!
Your profile once the very incarnation
Of a classical Greek God.
But lately your religious bent
Has shifted to the East
And now you look a little more like Buddha!

But you still have lots of energy
(If you sleep enough at night!)
And your philosophy has prospered
(Though it’s still not out of sight)
You grasp the simple meaning in the phrase
“Es gibt einen grossen Unterschied
Noch Eins
Nur Eins!”

And yet you still sport that indelible gleam
Of impish delight in your eyes
That promises feats of incredible joy
And moments of wonderful highs.
And the ladies still eagerly sit at your feet.
Breathlessly seeking the prize.
Listening for that jungle beat of passion!
And listening,

Ach, Klaus!
For sadly, you have learned the truth
And lately boast a new and milder motto:
“‘S tut mir leidt
Nur schauen!”