I do
And you,
So many years ago becoming both
One flesh
One mind
One soul
And no one left remembers
Who I am.

Or you,
Except at times
I think I see the face I knew.
At times
I think I touch the hand I touched
But then you draw it back
And I forget again.
Passing it off as fancy,
Nothing more.

Even your name is gone.
And you have mine.
For I am your identity.
And you in turn
Transform my bastard bachelor
To socially acceptable adult.
And now I answer to many names.
Occasional adulterer,
But over all
A man.

I can no longer recognize
My face.
I wake in darkness
Wondering at what I might have been
And wondering if I became
At all.
Or if I simply passed away
When we became
One flesh
One mind
One soul.

Two individuals
So long ago
Joining forces,
Could have licked the world!
How cruel neither one