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Morning Becomes Electric

Morning Becomes Electric

And suddenly it’s dawn. The sun slides slowly up out of the mist and dazzles the surface of the sea with brilliant streaks of orange and red flame. No reason to get out of bed you say? Au contraire mon ami! There’s beauty lurking everywhere. Go out and soak up some for your very own […]

PRH019: Shh, Let’s Pretend Climate Chang

PRH019: Shh, Let’s Pretend Climate Change Isn’t Real

A hurricane forms when the temperature in the ocean water rises above fifty degrees Fahrenheit. The average ocean water temperature has been rising 0.13 degrees per decade since 1880. The size and intensity of North Atlantic hurricanes have increased since 1980. Between 1966 and 2009 the average annual number of hurricanes in the North Atlantic […]

PRH017: Tossing Out the Paper Towels

PRH017: Tossing Out the Paper Towels

Presidents traditionally undertake a host of activities to set their citizens at ease during times of crisis. Franklin Delano Roosevelt held his fireside chats. President John F. Kennedy gave patriotic speeches extolling American courage and expressing ebullient optimism about the national spirit and its role in service to our country. President Donald J. Trump threw […]

PRH016: The Enchanted Isle takes it up t...

PRH016: The Enchanted Isle takes it up the Ass

The Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act of 2016 (PROMESA) established an oversight board, a process for restructuring debt, and expedited procedures for approving critical infrastructure projects in the unincorporated territory of Puerto Rico because Strom Thurmond made it illegal for Puerto Rico to declare bankruptcy. The Puerto Rican Electric Power Authority (PREPA) […]

PRH015: A Tale of Two Catastrophes

PRH015: A Tale of Two Catastrophes

Back up a step. Did I say one hurricane away from disaster? Make that two hurricanes away from disaster. In early September of 2017 Hurricane Irma formed in the Atlantic near the Cape Verde Islands. It was slated to become the strongest storm on record ever to exist in the open Atlantic basin with sustained […]

PRH014: Who Appropriated My Infrastructu...

PRH014: Who Appropriated My Infrastructure

And that brings us kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Let’s review the facts before we plunge forward. Six hundred years ago Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and landed on the shores of a lovely island populated by a peaceful civilization of Arawak Indians (the Taino) who were mostly agrarian and who […]