Casino Hopping Through the Lower 48

A fractured twist on The Pilgrim’s Progress, the book describes the first-person narrator’s six-thousand-mile automotive odyssey that covers two weeks and twelve casinos. It is filled with wit, philosophy and homespun advice regarding the eternal battle that pits domestic harmony against the pursuit of liberty. Although casino gaming plays a large role in the tale the narrator also finds himself thrust into the ageless game of sexual hide-and-go-seek when he reaches out to help a gorgeous goddess and comes up with a handful of happy endings.

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A Fistful of Grass

Chuck and Bernie are still on the civilized fringe of divorce. Chuck springs for a Labor Day weekend flight that takes him and the kids to Seattle in the great state of Washington where the rain falls daily and grass is everywhere. Yup. Grass. The smoking kind. The novel is all about stupid laws (marijuana and others), unconventional behavior (sexual as well as social), licit and illicit relationships (both private and professional) and how we as adults trapped within the system are compelled to cope. There are a great many bent and twisted characters in the book, some of whom get their comeuppance in the end and others who breeze through life unscathed by the random demands of Karma.

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The Hedonist

Brandon Stevenson is totally in love with Brandon Stevenson. His sole ambition in life is to become a millionaire by the age of 30. He isn’t precisely a sexual predator but he does manage to nail any eligible female who isn’t otherwise occupied. Brandon lives for the moment, eschewing long-term issues and engagements until he meets Angel and falls desperately in love. Of course, his absolute devotion to the delectable Angel doesn’t preclude him from continuing to enjoy the succulent fruits of his old college paramour, the delightful Mistress Scorpio. It’s a guy thing. Meanwhile, Brandon learns a lot about life thanks to his naive and nefarious hobnobbing with artists and drug dealers. Brandon appears poised for a fall but will he, like the Phoenix, arise from the ashes of his own personal conflagration? One can but hope.

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Russ Hatler’s tenth novel, Giants, is set in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. It tells the story of a brave, resilient people reeling from the wrath of Mother Nature while struggling to survive the machinations of political chicanery. It’s also the tale of a young man’s treacherous journey from adolescent angst to responsible adulthood. The novel follows the progress of Brandon Stevenson, eponymous protagonist of The Hedonist, from North Carolina to Utuado, a small town in the mountainous interior of the Enchanted Island. Interwoven with the fictional narrative are several historical chapters describing the rape of Puerto Rico by Christopher Columbus and his merry band of Spanish Invaders in 1493 and proceeding all the way up to the rape of Puerto Rico by Vulture Capitalists in the present day. Philosophy, politics, recreational pharmaceuticals and ecological mischief also take their lumps. The humor in the book is dark and merciless. The language is a little salty, the characters a bit earthy and some of the bawdy encounters a trifle graphic, so if you’re not a card-carrying adult, you might want to give this one a pass.

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