Imagine a fictitious street in downtown Hamburg where girls sit in windows, scantily clad, awaiting the fumbling, ardent advances of clumsy gentleman callers bearing sweaty fistfuls of erogenous Euros. Imagine further that, rather than offering their generous guests the puerile pleasure gained through a brief and tawdry sexual encounter, these nubile nymphs perform salacious short stories, appealing to the better angels of their perverse patrons. Nothing touched but the heart, nothing enriched save the soul. Would this not be a nobler world because of their earnest and honest ministrations? This then is the essential mission of Naughty Nikki’s Bedtime Tales. To both enlighten and titillate, to visually delight and also elevate the senses.

GoetheStrasse was a short, cramped street that at one time featured a disreputable block of row houses near the Reeperbahn. GoetheStrasse is not to be confused with the posh street named Goetheallee, where visiting businessmen stay when they’re in town for, let’s say, an electronics convention. Let’s further say that Klaus was one such visiting businessman when he met the eighteen-year-old Nikki, newly off the train from Paris. Klaus had the row houses torn down and had the current structures erected, after which he petitioned the Burgermeister to rename the street NikkiStrasse.

There are several ErosWohnungen in two single-story buildings on either side of NikkiStrasse. They serve as workspaces for professional ladies who prefer to entertain their clients in a private setting, free from the judgmental glances of their fellow Hamburgians.

Sex work is legal in Germany. Although not as socially acceptable as, say, medicine or even the practice of law, the practitioners of the world’s oldest profession are protected by the justice system, not scorned and prosecuted as is the case in many of the planet’s other civilized societies. This turns out to be a good thing.
Sex workers are required by law to have periodic physical exams. That alone cuts way down on the spread of venereal disease. Sex workers pay taxes. Sex workers contribute to and are taken care of by the Retirement System. Pimps on the other hand are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. In fact, anyone who earns a living based on the earnings received by another individual is in violation of the law. That applies to landlords as well. It’s illegal for a bawdy house proprietor to charge rent by the trick as opposed to by the month.

Cast of Characters

Nikki is the lady after whom NikkiStrasse is named. She moved into the room on NikkiStrasse thirty years ago before the wall came down. Had a baby named Inge as a result of an unfortunate prophylactic malfunction shortly after she got in the game. Inge’s father is a businessman from Berlin. He still sends Inge birthday and Christmas gifts but never comes to Hamburg to visit. Nikki has since retired and moved to Konstanz on the Swiss-German-Austrian border and lives at the edge of The Bodensee (Lake Constance).

Inge is the illegitimate daughter of Nikki. Inge fell in love with an American GI named Benjamin Patterson ten years ago. They have a beautiful seven-year-old daughter named Amelie. Two years ago, Ben was killed by a landmine in Afghanistan and Inge was obliged to follow in her mother Nikki’s footsteps. Her mother funded the room and gave Inge several of her outfits to wear six months before she (Nikki) retired. Inge prefers young soldiers. They remind her of Ben

Gabriela was born in Lloret de Mar, the capital of Spain’s Costa Bravo smack on the shores of the Mediterranean. Gabriela was a shy little girl not given to speaking with strangers. The thing is Lloret de Mar is a tourist town so 60% of the population at any given time are strangers. Gabriela fell in with the wrong crowd when she was a teenager and learned early on that the easiest way to make a bucketful of Euros was never sketched in dusty chalk on the classroom blackboard or published in your garden-variety high school textbook. When her devout Catholic parents discovered Gabriela’s secret source of sinful income she was summarily grounded so she snuck out one wintry night and caught the midnight train to Hamburg where a tawny complexion on a drop-dead gorgeous lass is a ticket to ride. Or be ridden.

Felicia the Felatrice can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch through a garden hose.

Summer is the picture of girlish innocence who can tease the cum from a rock-hard cock with her delicate touch, Lube optional

Dominique. If you like a little pinch and tweak with your pleasure, she’s your girl. And she has the wettest pussy you can imagine

Letitia’s a submissive who lives to serve her masters. She loves their lips on her thick nipples and if more than one of her masters wants to join in the fun that’s awesome too

Connie loves to have her sweet pussy eaten by members of either sex. If the diner is of the feminine persuasion Connie is pleased to return the favor. If it’s a man he’ll be happy to find that Connie has trained the muscles of her tight warm vagina to coax the cum out of the most recalcitrant cock

Abbey and Ginger are two Italian Lesbians from Venice. They ran afoul of the local authorities when they were caught running a canal-based, tourist-oriented brothel featuring satin lingerie and domino masks near the eastern edge of Saint Mark’s Basilica and they refused to make a substantial contribution to the annual Carnival celebration fund in February. When they moved into adjacent ErosWohnungen in NikkiStrasse they inserted a connecting door that they used to advantage when they offered their clients the opportunity to participate in a masked ménage a trois. They occasionally perform videos in tandem, one girl reading while the other girl slinks, sucks, sulks and sighs

Helga works out of ErosWohnung # 7. She’s a quietly competent sex worker who has a devoted coterie of clients, both male and female. The men come to Helga in NikkiStrasse. The women prefer to be serviced in the privacy of their own homes or, in the case of one wealthy Doctor Professor of Classical Literature from Dresden, in her private hotel suite. Helga does not join in with the after-hours frivolous dalliances enjoyed by her fellow NikkiStrasse nymphs. She prefers a chilled glass of Mueller-Thurgau, solitude and the vibrant chords of a Wagner symphony. Helga spent an unhappy childhood scorned by her youthful peers largely because of the reputation enjoyed by her maternal grandfather who was a minor functionary in the Baader-Meinhof gang back in the seventies. Her mother raised Helga as a closet Socialist. She got in with the wrong crowd at University where she excelled at language studies, being able to speak five languages fluently and get by reasonably well in another three. Unfortunately Helga had a weak spot for bad boys, especially bad boys from the Baltics. She bore two children out of wedlock and was obliged to drop out of University her third year. Her children were placed in Social Care and Helga ended up on NikkiStrasse. It’s not a bad life but sometimes Helga gets lonely and longs for the good old days, even though there never were any good old days for Helga.

Alicia was Inge’s best friend growing up. Alicia’s parents were killed in an automobile accident on the Autobahn 7 just outside Hamburg the month after Alicia turned eighteen. They’d been on their way to Copenhagen for a much needed and well-deserved big people weekend away. Alicia was spending the weekend with Nikki and Inge in their apartment in the residential section of St. Pauli near the Millerntor. After the fatal accident Alicia moved to Hannover to live with her Aunt Brigitte where she underwent a vocational training program and became a registered nurse. Moved back to Hamburg eight years later when her aunt died. She worked as a nurse in Hamburg for three years, but became disillusioned with her profession. All those people sick and dying. Looked up Inge who worked with her mom by that time and learned there was an ErosWohnung available. Alicia leased the ErosWohnung and found her niche. Despite her burdensome past Alicia has a sunny disposition and is an optimist at heart. Her preferred clients are blue collar workers, primarily immigrants or foreign laborers who send the bulk of their wages back home to support the family.

Claire is Nikki’s oldest friend. She was Nikki’s first sex-worker recruit when Klaus created NikkiStrasse. They were never rivals for each other’s clients. They catered to entirely different emotional and physical needs for the gentlemen who came to visit. Claire was never the willowy submissive who tended strictly to the sensual urges of her clients. Claire was the motherly type. She frequently served homemade soup to her “boys” before, during and after a session was concluded. She was not a clock watcher. If a client wanted to cry on her shoulder after the deed was done, she was there for him until he was ready to leave. But in addition to all her maternal services Claire was skilled at satisfying what some might think of as a rather kinky perversion. From adolescence onwards Claire had dental issues and was obliged to have all her teeth removed at an early age. Even today a placard above her door reads:
Let me take out my choppers
You can gag me with your whopper
And I’ll gum you till the cows come home!