The Gift


Russell Hatler

Miko and Kiko are lovers who have lost everything. They agree to take poison and die in each other’s arms. In the morning Kiko wakes up and finds the dead body of Miko beside her but she is still alive. Consumed by anguish she asks The Universe to help her understand. Suddenly she is filled with an awareness.

You asked?

Why am I still alive?

It is a gift from The Universe

But I did not ask for this gift

A gift from The Universe is not given in answer to a request. It is simply given

I do not wish this gift

That is not your choice. The gift is not being offered. It has been given

I am not worthy of this gift

A gift is not given to reward worthiness. It is a gift

And what must I do in exchange for this gift?

The hardest thing you will ever do. You must accept the gift

But I cannot live without my Miko. Why did my Miko have to die?

It was a gift from The Universe