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Open Note to my Children

This didn’t happen to me but a friend told me that if you’ve stopped by your favorite watering hole and have made eye contact with a young lass on the next stool, and she responds with a smile, and you ask how she’s doing, should she answer with the phrase “I just got out of […]

Open Note to my Children

The little woman and I have stopped arguing. Now we text links back and forth that reference apt, witty rejoinders on the web. It saves a lot of time and it gets much less personal. On another note I recently unfriended a longtime acquaintance who insisted on spoiling my morning every day with ridiculous racist […]

Open Note to my children

And now a post from a guest contributor. Listen up. I’m getting a little tired of being blamed for all your Earthly woes. When I created the world it was a pretty sweet place to live in. I made you master (or mistress, don’t get me started on gender issues!) of everything. I also gave […]

Chapter 6. The Spelunkers

The crew were seated at the breakfast table the next morning, Otto included. Amelie had an evil grin on her face as she served them breakfast. “So, Tom tell me,” she began. “How long will you boys be gone? All the rooms are rented and nobody’s staying here. No meals to cook and no sheets […]

Chapter 5. Splish Splash

It turned out the Miami Beach flooding didn’t result from a sudden increase in water volume in the Atlantic Ocean.  It was the result of a brand new kind of hurricane that came onshore in Florida, a hurricane that made scientists question whether or not we needed a new category of hurricane on the Saffir […]

Chapter 4. The Best Laid Plans

Here’s how it was supposed to work.  Around 1960 a small group of very rich individuals met in Wichita, Kansas, with the sole intent of preserving something very near and dear to their own hearts.  Their aggregate wealth.  They called themselves The Governors.  They worked tirelessly at the grass roots level to persuade common folks […]

Chapter 3. The Bob

Bob Marshall was born in 1901 in New York City, NY.  Not exactly your isolated enclave of pristine wilderness.  His grandfather was a German Jew who emigrated to New York from Bavaria.  His father was a wealthy constitutional lawyer who specialized in championing environmental causes.  Bob earned his master’s degree in Forestry from Harvard in […]

Chapter 2. Kick-Starting the First Secul...

It was a mild mid-July Monday evening in Hood River, Oregon.  Thomas Morgan sat at the cluttered dining table on the balcony of the opulent Neue Schloss Linderhof Bed and Breakfast Inn.  He wore a Gucci crest-print Cuban-collar silk shirt.  A wrinkled linen napkin was still tucked into the waistband of his Valentino piped cotton […]

Chapter 1. Wherefore Sanctuary

For those of you who’ve lived underground in Sanctuary communities all your lives it may come as a shock that there was a time on the planet when people lived totally unregulated lives. People worked to survive.  They were rewarded with imaginary units which they could exchange for food and shelter.  These imaginary units were […]

Blessed Event

We are trying something special on the 23rd of June. I’ve written an apocryphal quartet named “Sanctuary.” The four books are in varying states of completion but the first is due to be published on the 23rd of June, my daughter’s birthday. To celebrate its publication we’re making a video of me as Otto Baumgartner […]