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PRH014: Who Appropriated My Infrastructu...

PRH014: Who Appropriated My Infrastructure

And that brings us kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Let’s review the facts before we plunge forward. Six hundred years ago Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and landed on the shores of a lovely island populated by a peaceful civilization of Arawak Indians (the Taino) who were mostly agrarian and who […]

PRH013: Wall Street (Gasp!) Takes Advant...

PRH013: Wall Street (Gasp!) Takes Advantage

Given the dicey state of the Puerto Rican economy you can well imagine the after-market for Puerto Rican Municipal Bonds, despite the attraction of triple tax-exempt status, was pretty much in the toilet. Who wants to buy something that has no value? Up jumped the vulture funds on Wall Street. They were in possession of […]

PRH012: Tax Breaks, Tom Foolery, Big Pha...

PRH012: Tax Breaks, Tom Foolery, Big Pharma to the Rescue

Here’s a crash course in what philosophers call Greed and what politicians call Capitalism. Profit: Good. More Profit: Better. Less Profit: Not so good. Loss: Unthinkable unless the loss leads to More Profit down the road. Spreadsheet: A computer-based, computational vehicle whereby you can forecast maximum profitability by manipulating dependent variables and make decisions based […]

PRH011: Tourism is a Fickle Bitch

PRH011: Tourism is a Fickle Bitch

We talked about Cuba a while back. There was a reason. In the 1950s the Cuban Revolution blew that island wide open. Fidel Castro and his band of independentistas ripped up the fabric of injustice and authoritarian leadership in favor of a communistic form of government. The United States had recently won World War II, […]

PRH010: Sound Bites, Cat Fights and Poli...

PRH010: Sound Bites, Cat Fights and Political Malfeasance

Here’s a conundrum for you to gnaw on after breakfast. It’s an indisputable fact that folks born on the island of Puerto Rico were Spanish Citizens prior to 1898. Between 1898 and 1900 the citizenship status of the island’s residents was a little murky. The smoke hadn’t settled since the Spanish-American War. In 1900 the […]

PRH008: A Brief Tutorial on Second Class...

PRH008: A Brief Tutorial on Second Class Citizenship

Back in 1906 Ambrose Bierce, a journalist for the San Francisco Examiner, wrote a book he first called “The Cynic’s Wordbook” and later republished as “The Devil’s Dictionary.” The book has since been nominated as one of “The 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature.” “The Devil’s Dictionary” is comprised of short, cynical word definitions. In […]

PRH006: 400 Years of Benevolent Spanish ...

PRH006: 400 Years of Benevolent Spanish Rule

My bad. I keep calling Chris Columbus an Italian. There wasn’t any Italy back then. The country we know as Italy didn’t spring into existence until around 1866. Chris was Genoese, not to be confused with being Genovese which was the moniker associated with a crime family of some repute. Italy back in Chris’s day […]