I don’t mean to ruffle
The feathers of Christian Content
I don’t mean to piss off the Jews
I don’t want my brothers and sisters of Islam whose fervent desire was dishonestly bent
To further the cause of the callous and cowardly few
In the guise of Theological Guidance whose initial intent
Was to rescue the heathen through ancient resolve that appeared from the outset to be Heaven-sent

Herewith My Six Commandments for Secular Civility

1. If there is a God (or Yahweh or Allah or Buddha or whatever label you may choose) and if we are created in His (or Her) likeness surely He (or She) would prefer us to stand tall in worship as He (or She) intended instead of groveling on the ground

2. Clothing was intended to keep the body warm from seasonal chill and safe from harmful rays. Not as a means of lavishly dividing the ranks of honest citizens into social classes based on the wearer’s wealth. Not as a means of cloaking the womanly wearer from the lascivious masculine gaze of other than the decidedly male owner of his feminine slave. And surely not to disguise the gender of the wearer lest lusty and exuberant sexual activity break out across the land. Let’s all get naked and get down

3. While we’re on the topic of owning stuff why does it make sense that, on a Planet of Plenty, so many needy are starving? You can’t take it with you, and if you pass it along to the children, they’ll probably fritter it away on nonsense like clothing. See above

4. And while we’re on the topic of the Planet, in what Universe does it make sense to destroy the very fabric of existence in an endless quest for material gain? If we want to pass something on to the kids, shouldn’t that something be the opportunity to lead a healthy life?

5. Science and Technology are our friends. Falsehood and blind obedience to a faith-based creed are our enemies. Division and dissolution further no cause that can be justified by any rational belief system other than greed.

6. And while we’re at it let’s put Blatant Populism under the lens of scrutiny. Why does it matter where you were born or what language you were taught to speak or (horror of horrors) the color of your skin or the slant of your eyes? Let alone which football team you choose to root for? We’re here to help each other make the perilous journey from birth to death, not to grind each other down under the heel of Nationalist Hypocrisy

And that’s about it.