And now a post from a guest contributor.

Listen up. I’m getting a little tired of being blamed for all your Earthly woes. When I created the world it was a pretty sweet place to live in. I made you master (or mistress, don’t get me started on gender issues!) of everything.

I also gave you the capacity to learn. That means when you don’t know the answer you can look it up. I gave you science. I gave you philosophy. I also gave you free will. That may have been a problem. I also gave you the capacity for faith but I didn’t expect you to use it as a substitute for good sense.

Try this. Put your faith in one hand and gravity in the other. Jump off a cliff and see which one kicks in first. Now there’s this Pandemic and the vaccine controversy. I gave you both and lately you choose not to believe in either. I’m not sure how to fix that dilemma.

One last point. You remember that love your neighbor thing? I wasn’t just blowing smoke. You should try it. It might relieve some of that emotional constipation you seem troubled by. That’s it.

Oxoxo God