After a great deal of soul searching I’ve come to the conclusion that one of the reasons I love football is that most of the players, although they outweigh me by hundreds of pounds and earn more in a year than my father ever earned in his entire life; despite these obvious advantages they don’t have one scintilla of my innate charms. Don’t get me started on how many scintillas of charm I actually have. References upon request. Which brings me to the point of this brief harrangue. How can a poor farm boy from Montana rise from obscurity to occupy a chair of distinction in a universe of his own making? Perspective my dear children. Despite the fact that nobody but me is awe inspired by my modest accomplishments, in my mind it’s my opinion that counts. Or as a friend of mine put it so succinctly “I’ve known people with your skills and acumen who never accomplished anything!” It’s all spin my dear children. It’s all spin.