I’ve noticed a troubling trend lately. Dead guys are getting younger. Weather patterns are becoming increasingly extreme. Young folks and spouses are marginally more obstreperous. And gas prices continue to rise. History is more hysterical; peace is getting harder to piece together. And people in general are more difficult to deal with. What ever happened to the intrepid optimism of my halcyon youth? I remember when a flash of ankle set my heart on fire. These days there’s nary a wisp of smoke. Even my erstwhile racy dreams have gone from boil to simmer. I think it’s a conspiracy. Just when I had it all figured out something came along and upset my addled apple cart. Some call it age, I call it wisdom. Good thing I’m not going anywhere. I’ll just sit here on my shuddering rocker until I puzzle the current conundrum out. Meanwhile have a Happy New Year. It can’t get a whole lot worse.