There is so much confusion and outright misinformation going around about the Covid vaccine I thought I would weigh in with my opinion.

Trump didn’t develop the vaccine. Biden didn’t develop the vaccine. The vaccine has been under development for many years.

The Corona Virus isn’t new. Covid is a variant of the Corona Virus.

The various implementations of the Covid vaccine are evolutionary. Drug companies aren’t immune from liability because they expect the vaccine to kill people. Nor is vaccine prosecution immunity a new thing. Drug companies have been free from liabilities over vaccine adverse reactions since 1988.

The vaccines have been tested thoroughly. Vaccines which are dangerous or have been proven to be ineffective aren’t sanctioned, even under the emergency use authorization by the FDA.

Drug companies aren’t the only industry immune from liability. All the petroleum industry needs to be immune from an event is the declaration that a disaster was an Act of God. And isn’t everything?

But finally, if none of these arguments convinces you to get vaccinated, I leave you with one last point. I refuse to be the cause of another person’s death. That’s it.

Love Dad